Very Separate Married Lives

Couples that have gone through all the joys and woes of raising children suddenly discover a new world once the children are off on their own. The couple often has difficulty adjusting to their new life. This is a major life change although many couples refuse to see it in that light. For those that do, there are a variety of choices for them. They can learn to live together as a couple again, or they can leave each other and get a divorce. For some, the only option they believe is correct is to stay married but live very separate lives.

Those that choose to live very separate lives must replace their partner in everything but name. They will often still live together for economic reasons. This does not mean they must live unfulfilled lives. Each one can find friends for outings and socializing. If they find their physical needs must be attended to, either of them can always find a fuck buddy to help with that aspect of their private life.

Many people marry at a young age and do not fully experience a free and wild existence. Many older couples believe this is their time to let their hair down and have some fun. Fuck buddies are a good choice for these people. They do not want a relationship and only care about satisfying physical needs. There is no commitment on the part of either person.

While being married has been a stable way to have a good relationship for many older couples, they often yearn for things they have never tried. Sometimes this includes casual sex. They feel they have missed out on this experience, and they are often eager to try new and different adventures in all aspects of their lives.