Enjoying Married Life as a Couple Again

After long and often painful years, the children are grown and out of the house. They have left the nest and moved on to build their own lives. Many couples celebrate this time as a success of all their hard work. They look at each other, and realize they will finally have the time and money to experience the life they planned long ago. For them, this is the start of a new chapter in their marriage. They will finally have the honeymoon of their dreams.

The couple that worked hard at their marriage through the years is often rewarded. Instead of trying to get to know each other again, they have kept up with each other. They have done the work of keeping their relationship up-to-date and can move on quickly. Many have saved for the trip of a lifetime or plan to go on many shorter trips until retirement. They have waited and worked for this time and are free to live their best life as a couple.